my notes on possible new RDM promotion material

By Julien Colomb | May 31, 2018

type of videos

  • hijack: computer game, superhero, star treck, star wars…
  • dialogue: research data VS GOfair research data
  • data is my child
  • chrismas present.
  • hijack logical fallacies/known psychological events/dioseases,…, give examples with data management


  • data loss
    • you lost all your data but this todo list, it says: “backup data”
  • data documentation
    • message to the future self if you read this, ….
  • data access
    • data mining: on internet vs on your computer -he is data mining? -whaoo advanced stuff! - nope, trying to find data of fig.2
  • data sharing
    • controlled vocabulary to ease interoperability *- I am RD, hello I am Managed RD. Who is that? how this is my metadata, it helps me talk to the world
  • save time with data management
    • find your data
    • know what reagent/protocol was used to produce the data
  • easy to perform (little cost)
    • ..
  • data sharing

  • data literacy
    • tidy data
  • communication scientist - data manager

  • data policy

some ideas:

  • tinder like discussion. hey, what are you doing? - I am looking for some data to combine to mine, and expand my study. (swicht left: no metadata, oh metadata here, oups: data is a mess, nope: no controlled vocabulary this is good FAIR data, aaahrr, not open, it is copyrighted. this will do… damned, that is just an older version of my data. here we go, this is gofair data! … but it has no relation to your scientific questions !? …silence… I could change my scientific question right?
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