open FAIR data is coming

By Julien Colomb | June 21, 2018

A scientist is sitting in the cafeteria, we ear people chatting:

  • Do you know, you need to provide your data when you publish?
  • The data should be in a state where it can be re-used.
  • And each scientist is responsible for dealing with his data.

The scientist says: “That is bullshit: who is saying that?”

  • Our main funders (DFG)
  • Our favorite publishers
  • Our employer, the university, is, too!

scientist, panicking: - But that will necessite a enormous amount of time !!! I do not have time for this!

  • It’s ok you know, it is not that difficult and it is not time-consuming: if you start early and get a system to manage your data, you might even get rid of bad habits and save time in the end.

  • But, but, I am a scientist, not a data manager!

  • Ask for help and get training, if there is an helpdesk at your university, call them.

Distributed under a CC0 license

From Julien Colomb,, data manager

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