Noon talks at the EPFL

By Frank Milfort and Eliane Blumer | August 9, 2018

The Noon Talks are regular events that took place twice a year since 2016 at the Library. These events mainly cover scientific related topics such as preprints, open access, reusing content in theses, etc. The most efficient way to promote this event are our emailing list that we use to spread invitations on the campus. We obviously communicate as well on the common social media and via other channels (screens on the campus, online agendas, events lists, etc.). On average, 70 participants took part in these events.

Regarding [open data], we’ve decided at the beginning of this year to start campaigns around the Love Data Week, with a first edition in February 2018. It included a data story contest, a specifically data-management oriented noon talk as well as a poster and button distribution via internal post service to all labs. We will certainly propose something similar in 2019, as we are convinced that sensitizing work is highly important for Open Science.

Distributed under a CC-BY license, Frank MILFORT Communication officer, EPFL library

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