scientists’ perceptions about data reuse

By Julien Colomb | August 23, 2018

modified from and the article DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0189288 (

Interesting conclusions: 1. researchers who re-use the data are different from researchers making data open for reuse 2. expressed lack of trust in reused data was not a factor explaining a lack of data reuse: while trust is a problem per se, it does not impeede data reuse. 3. there is a correlation between data reuse and perceived efficacy of data reuse (in contrast to the authors, I am not infering in which direction this might be causal).

4. researchers knowning about metadata have different perceptions: the perception they have of the norm (what one is supposed to do) has a bigger effect on their data reuse. My interpretation is that they know that the cost is not so high.

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