Ten best argumentation to transform into cartoons

By Julien Colomb | January 18, 2019

Here are notes about what stories we will use to design cartoons.

1 Your first collaborator is yourself, and your past self does not answer emails

Documentation is key if you want others (i.e. you in two years) to understand what you did.

S1: I have a collaborator that will analyse the data and write the paper, but he is not allowed to ask me any question. S1: Can you check if my explanations will be sufficient for her to do his job.

S2: Like he is in a spaceshift and it would take 30 years to get any answer to one of his question? (reference to the movie)

S1: not quite, S1: it’s me in 3 years.

2 Backup

Loosing data is the worst that can happen, and it happens. Murpheys law could be use to say that at least 3 backups, 1 offsite are necessary. (mme la marquise song ?)

title data apocalypse. idea 1

On the phone S1: Everythink ok? S2: yes only a small problem, your computer is dead. S1: Ouch. but my backup lies next to it. S2: about that, your workplace was compromised, all gone. S1: I will need to use the one I have at home! S2: about that, your home and the backup are ruined S1: Tell me the uni server is fine? S2: actually the whole city was flooded, everything is lost S1: … S2:

idea 2

S1: Fire ! S2: My data (running to the fire)

S1: Are you crazy? the data is backed up on your laptop S2: let me go, my laptop was stolen yesterday !

S1: Calm down, the lab manager installed an automatic backup las month, your data is safe in the university server. S2: sure? S1: Yep we follow the 3-2-1 rule,

3 open data is a requirement

Funders, universities, journals and governments want open data, get ready with RDM.

S1: What !! The publisher requires Open data, our funder FAIR data, the university 10 years archive, and the law secured data ? S2: Yep. Yep. Yep. and Yep. (4 couple of bubble)

S2: Calm down, the solution is 3 letters long.

S1: LIE?

S2: R. D. M. S2: Research Data … S2: … Management.

4 data for trust

In case someone does not believe you, you need to be able to show the raw data.

S1: Paper is accepted in nature ! S2: Great, oh they ask for the raw data for figure 3 and 4. S1: oh, yes, will look for it later

the next day. S1: Where is this ***** raw data file S1: I deleted it ! no way !!!

S2: hey, about the paper, S1(thinking): hem, how can I say that the paper will be rejected because of me…

S2: I took the liberty to upload the raw data, I hope you do not mind. S1: euh… I do not. S1: thank you !?

5 ethical value of open data

  1. patient sick
  2. researcher want to access data to build new medecine
  3. researcher ask: data is mine, for my career
  4. patient ask: answer “?!!”

6 data analysis 1

1 by data analyst desk: here is my data, is just a couple of excel sheets 2. DA1 look at it, “one moment please” 3. Fake suicide, the second one takes the paper, usb sticks 4. one week later: DA2 on the phone: “still trying to clean the data, indeed. About my question 364, ….”. thinking bubble “Next time, I also fake my suicide.”

7 science more effective

working collaborative, and sharing data, makes it easier to answer scient. questions. you want to know, or you want to be the only one to know ?

8 carreer

job interview, talking about science blabla (or images). How this can help you with our data analysis problem. oh sorry, here is my last project data management plan and data analysis software, you will see the workflow is very similar. welcome in the team.

9 thesis writing

documentation is important to save time during report writing.

10 data analysis 2

data analysis can sometimes only be made if the data is in the right format, thinking about how it will be analysed is important to decide how the data will be saved.

Discussion with Herr Petri 2019-02-19

4 extra topic:

  • Formate in 10 Jahren: Datat format, software, hardware, how will I read the data in 20 years.

  • Archive: what is worth keepiing, who can trash what

  • Plan and implementation: a nice plan is good, to control that it is followed is better

  • Make the data available, but not to all (Security vs accessibility)

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