data_analysis idea for video

By Julien Colomb | February 2, 2019

Note: This has been used, the video is produced.

Data analysis

We will use Buster Keaton public domain videos (one week, …)


  • Data analysis and results are a thrill
  • when collecting data, different formats are often possible
  • data format modification is costly, the later it comes the more costly
  • making sure the data collected will be 1 stored, 2 analysed in its format is a time saver.
  • In doubt, make the data computer readable does reduce that cost


Before the data collection starts, it is useful to know what format it will have.

This format may depend on where the data will be published, as some repositories require specific data and metadata standards. It may also depends on the hardware used to gather the data.

However, how the data will be analysed is one critical criterium. Moving data from one format to another is time consuming and dangerous, so one should make sure the data can be analysed in the form it is collected

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