RDM for data analysis

RDM makes data analysis more effective and efficient Following the results of our analysis of researcher’s relation to data, we do think that the argument can touch researchers and convince them to seek for help and information about RDM questions. However, we would need a stronger evidence that it is actually true, as well as an understanding of what part of RDM is particularly important for data analysis. So…

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data archive is putting it out for discovery

The idea is to represent the idea that data archive is not putting the data in a place where nobody will ever look at it, but showing it to the world. The idea is to represent a building, with a scienctist working at its computer and pushing the “archive the data” button. Then it would show someone in the basement shovelling data into the corners, which a voice over stating that it is what people think archiving is.

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working strategies

Modified from (reorganise text and add comments), This is the result of the analyse of discussion in the UK community, remember that country specificities in working strategies and stories are to be expected. Use senarios and story-telling Accusation of fraud We all agreed that one strategy that works for almost all possible audience types are doomsday scenarios – disasters that can happen when researchers do not adhere to good RDM practice.

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