Inside the eeFDM project, we are to produce videos for the promotion of RDM and open data toward researchers. Here is our first output, we are hoping for your feedback before producing the final tone. (So far, I have been doing the voiceover and we did not put any work in finding good music.) The video is available on Figshare (, the tone is not the definitive one. #give feedback: For RDM enthusiasts: Would you use it on your webpage and in your talks, if not, why ?

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video mashups

The inspiration comes from ARTE: (french) (german), and I talk about the format, not the content :) The idea is to create mashup videos, i.e. videos where the images are unrelated to the content but bring humor or a different perspective to what the voice off is saying. There is a lot of free to reuse videos available to do it. The strategy to make some is to first write a script for the voice off and then look for the videos.

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