Video pre-release

While previous video were online for some time, I have worked the concept a bit and end up with 4 videos so far. The first one is about open data and features superman. The second one is about using RDM to be sure to be able to retrieve one’s data and work more efficiently. It features Popeye. The third one is a general introduction about the main pitfalls RDM aims at avoiding, ending with a positive thinking: “we want better research in less time, while producing open FAIR data”.

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What we discovered so far

Method Here, we use the text collected and analysed so far (mostly via browsing the web, few direct contribution from the crowd), comparing it to a report from the research data alliance report. Both reports can be found as blog posts found under the category analysis. Summary We focused our analysis on three interesting content: Marketing strategies (how to reach researchers), arguments for research data management, and stories to tell.

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