Mashup_data analysis

Topic: rdm for data analysis template: Start with sth positive. one-liner problem. get the fixed content for all videos (time travel, rdm professional ,…?) explain what can be done to fix the problem. Script: “It took a while for the scripts to run. I can still remember sitting there listening to the screeching sounds of the computer. And then one by one I got the results, and they all confirmed my hypothesis.

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paper retraction in absence of data

see copyrighted material here: In brief, a paper was retracted from science because the raw data could not be presented. The computer containing the data has apparently been stolen and no backup existed. There are other similar stories on (, It is not always clear if there were misconduct, but it seems the absence of data makes it impossible for researchers to prove they did not misconduct.

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open science and quality management 1

During the second week of march, I had the chance to participate to two interesting meetings: the open science barcamp and the premierquality seminar. Both events have some online archive with results of discussion for the barcamp ( and slides of the presentations for the seminar ( I was stroked by the similarity in the discourses, not only concerning the problems discussed but also the solutions proposed. Here is the first of a series of blog about the parallel between the two events and communities.

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