A video about open data as a new standard

Please send your feedback about the current video (now: v.3)! script Open FAIR data is the new standard (actual srt file available on github) Research data shall be free, digital, shared and re-usable. Only while open it will reach its true potential. Fostering collaboration, open data accelerates research, and even years after its production, by allowing easy preliminary and meta-analyses, open data can bring research on the right track.

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working strategies

Modified from (reorganise text and add comments), This is the result of the analyse of discussion in the UK community, remember that country specificities in working strategies and stories are to be expected. Use senarios and story-telling Accusation of fraud We all agreed that one strategy that works for almost all possible audience types are doomsday scenarios – disasters that can happen when researchers do not adhere to good RDM practice.

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