Inside the eeFDM project, we are to produce videos for the promotion of RDM and open data toward researchers. Here is our first output, we are hoping for your feedback before producing the final tone. (So far, I have been doing the voiceover and we did not put any work in finding good music.) The video is available on Figshare (, the tone is not the definitive one. #give feedback: For RDM enthusiasts: Would you use it on your webpage and in your talks, if not, why ?

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data archive is putting it out for discovery

The idea is to represent the idea that data archive is not putting the data in a place where nobody will ever look at it, but showing it to the world. The idea is to represent a building, with a scienctist working at its computer and pushing the “archive the data” button. Then it would show someone in the basement shovelling data into the corners, which a voice over stating that it is what people think archiving is.

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Mashup_data analysis

Topic: rdm for data analysis template: Start with sth positive. one-liner problem. get the fixed content for all videos (time travel, rdm professional ,…?) explain what can be done to fix the problem. Script: “It took a while for the scripts to run. I can still remember sitting there listening to the screeching sounds of the computer. And then one by one I got the results, and they all confirmed my hypothesis.

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