first draft of slideshow presentation for new professors v.0.1

This video is a first draft, I would be happy to get some feedback, about the storyline and the overall design. It is focused on the HU, because I will use it for my job interview there. A version aimed at the FSU will probably follow. This post may be updated when new versions of the video will be made. You can download it here (the quality of the image is low on purpose): https://github.

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open FAIR data is coming

A scientist is sitting in the cafeteria, we ear people chatting: Do you know, you need to provide your data when you publish? The data should be in a state where it can be re-used. And each scientist is responsible for dealing with his data. The scientist says: “That is bullshit: who is saying that?” Our main funders (DFG) Our favorite publishers Our employer, the university, is, too!

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